Improv Program

Hello SMPS Upstate NY!

Our Chapter would like to gauge interest in hosting an improv program centered around team-building and sales, management, and presentation skills development.  This would be a four-hour event held in Syracuse with lunch provided.  It will be a great opportunity for technical staff to refine these skills as well, so please keep in mind that if you bring 4 or more people from your firm, you can register all participants at the member price. 

The program will help attendees refine the following skills:

Sales Skills:  Promote teamwork, gain a better understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication signals sent to potential clients, and generate better client relationships.  Learn to take seemingly off-topic subjects and redirect the conversation to the matter at hand. 

Management Skills:  Working well with others and how to handle tough decisions.  Cultivate enhanced relationships with employees, better cooperation with other arms of the organization chart, and outside-the-box thinking that can help make executive decisions.

Presentation Skills:  Strengthen the ability to present in front of large and small groups.  Not only the ability to speak, but the ability to convey certain messages.  Learn verbal and non-verbal signals being sent by the presenter, the use of comedy, and effective methods of creating presentations.

Electronic Communication Skills:  Working knowledge of communication devices, etiquette, and ensuring that the correct ideas are being conveyed.

Feel free to visit to learn more about the company and what they offer.

Thank you for taking the time to help us determine if this is a program that our Chapter would benefit from.  

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