SMPS Marketing Kit Webinar Series, Session 3 - Syracuse

February 25, 2020
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Ashley McGraw Architects
125 East Jefferson Suite, 15th Floor
Syracuse, NY 13202

SMPS Upstate New York is providing a 4-part webinar series aimed at improving your core marketing functions to lead to your firm's success. You will learn about email marketing, how to budget and track your ROI, editing basics that will result in winning RFPs, and how to market your firm on a limited budget. Each of the series will be held locally in our regions offering a chance to get together with your local marketers and avoid the headache of long distance travel.

With deadlines all around us, marketers are often put in the not-so-envious position of choosing between doing things fast and doing things well. This webinar will discuss the importance of editorial quality in proposals (and other marketing collateral!). We’ll discuss some writing and editing basics, such as frequently confused words and avoiding the passive voice. We’ll talk about how to create a style guide and how to work with partners/technical staff to incorporate the style guide throughout the document. Finally, we’ll talk about how to get buy-in to set up a standard quality control process. Importance/Need for the Topic: A/E/C marketers are frequently publishers, whether they realize it or not. Clear, correct prose helps facilitate proposal review—reviewers focus on your firm’s experience and approach instead of typos.


$20.00 Member

$35.00 Non-Member